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4 Data Analytics Tools That Will Revolutionize Marketing In 2021

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Data analytics is at the forefront of the modern marketing movement. Companies need to use big data technology to effectively identify their target audience and reliably reach them.

Every business needs a go-to-market strategy or the GTM strategy to reach the target customers and stay ahead of their competitors. Big data should be leveraged to execute any GTM campaign. Christian Welborn recently published an article on taking a data-driven approach to GTM.

How Can Data Play an Important Role in GTM?

There are a number of reasons that data analytics is transforming the direction of GTM marketing in 2021. Some of these were addressed in the Data Driven Summit 2018. Benefits include:
  • Using data analytics to better identify your target audience
  • Developing a stronger competitive advantage
  • Forecasting trends with predictive analytics to anticipate future market demand

Big data is the key to any successful marketing strategy in the 21st Century. GTM marketing strategies are no exception.

The Right Data Analytics Tools Must Be Leveraged for GTM Strategies

A winning GTM strategy ensures an effective customer experience and lets you make accurate business decisions that reduce product failure chances. In this article, we will learn the basics of a data-driven GTM strategy, its advantages, and discuss four top data analytics tools to power your go-to-marketing plan. These are some of the reasons data analytics is driving major advances in marketing.

Ready? Let’s begin.

What is a GTM Strategy?

A GTM strategy is a blueprint of how your business will connect with its customers. It’s similar to a business plan where you define why you are launching a product, who are your target customers, how you will market the product, what you will need to offer the best experience to your customers, and how you will drive profits.

Why Having a Data-Driven GTM Strategy Is Important?

A GTM strategy is crucial for a business. However, the true benefits of GTM can only be realized when data analytics tools are properly executed. Some of the benefits of using data technology in conjunction with your GTM approach include:
  • More easily defining a plan for your marketing and sales teams to follow.
  • Identifying the needs, behaviors, and characteristics of your customers.
  • Reducing the time needed to market your products.
  • Defining the metrics and goals to measure the success of your business strategy.
  • Identifying the search terms your prospects will use when searching for your products and services in search engines like Google.
  • Increasing the business adaptability to change.
  • Ensuring the best customer experience.
  • Increasing the chances of a successful product launch.
Data analytics is critical for making sure a GTM strategy is executed as effectively as possible.

Data Analytics Tools To Use For A Winning GTM Strategy

Now that you know why a GTM strategy is useful for your business. Let’s discuss the four top tools needed to increase the chances of success.

Here are the best data analytics tools to create a winning go-to-marketing plan:

1- Revuze For Acquiring Relevant Consumer Insights

Acquiring relevant and detailed consumer insights is the first step in preparing a full-proof GTM strategy.

Revuze is an AI-powered consumer insights tool that lets you gain actionable and competitive insights about your target market and customers. You can acquire qualitative eCommerce consumer opinion insights to identify the why behind consumer behavior.

The powerful AI platform collects data from a number of sources like eCommerce reviews, UGC data, surveys and automatically converts the unstructured data into structured insights.

There is no need to hire expensive data analysts. This all-in-one tool can gather all the useful insights that can make a difference in your marketing strategy. When you have the data in hand, you can make decisions with greater accuracy.

You only need to define your goals and specify the data sources. The tool will collect, refine, and present the data into an easy to understand dashboard. Based on the obtained information, you can choose your marketing channels, product pricing and prepare effective marketing copies to reach customers at the right time.

2 - SEMrush For SEO

We have previously mentioned that SEMRush is a great data-driven marketing tool. The benefits are evident if you understand the advantages of modern SEO.

Nowadays, you can’t think of launching a business just offline. Online visibility of your business is crucial to reach today’s consumers. One of the best ways to enhance the online visibility of your brand is by opting for SEO.

SEO helps improve your business’s organic presence, thereby generating the maximum leads in a cost-effective manner.

SEMrush is the industry leader when it comes to selecting an SEO software. It can help streamline all the essential SEO tasks and enhance your website’s organic visibility in all the leading search engines.

You get an in-depth look at your competitor’s marketing strategy, quickly identify the most-effective keywords to market your products, keep track of website rankings, uncover the top traffic generating pages of your competitors, and apply the changes suggested to boost your website SEO.

3 - Trello For Collaborative Working

Data analytics tools are also very helpful for collaboration. We previously talked about some great collaboration tools that rely on big data technology. Trello is one of the tools that we referenced, so we felt it would be prudent to discuss it here further.

Trello is a great tool for collaborative working and should be a part of your GTM strategy. The tool works with the help of a board and card system.

You can create different boards for every department or every project and add tasks to it.
Besides, you can tag people in the relevant cards to assign work directly to them. Hence, you can keep track of your work progress on every project.

Trello sends you email alerts for every notification, thus keeping you updated regarding the progress of your tasks.

4 - Slack For Better Communication

Slack is a replacement for email because it is faster, better organized, and more secure.
You can create channels for every project and follow everything related to individual members’ updates on different topics. The best part of Slack is, every conversation you have with your team members on different channels are automatically saved as history. Hence, you can quickly search and see your previous conversations instead of trying your luck searching with different queries in the traditional email.

Slack is not just for your teams. You can share a channel with vendors, partners, and clients. You can share messages or make voice or video calls. Moreover, you can streamline your work by connecting over 2200 different apps at no additional cost.

When you keep all your work in one place and create different channels to manage them efficiently, you can keep a closer look at your GTM strategy to make it successful.

Data Analytics Tools Must Be Used with Your GTM Strategy

If you are looking to launch a new product successfully, then you need a near to perfect go-to-marketing plan. You can’t execute this strategy without big data tools, which is why it is necessary to use the tools listed above.

Start with the basics, gather crucial consumer insights with data mining, and make sure your product solves your target customers’ exact pain point. After that, decide your marketing channels, add budgets, set deadlines, define KPIs, and regularly communicate with your team to make your plan a success. Big data is critical at every junction in this process. Make sure to use the suggested four top tools to keep everything in place and take your business to the next level.