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VentureIsrael Invests in Israeli Startup NeuroBrave, a Software Platform for Analyzing Neural Biomarkers and Insights

VentureIsrael News
An Israeli deep tech fund VentureIsrael participated in the investment round alongside Labs/02 and Samurai Incubate. The investment will be used to accelerate R&D and go-to-market activities.
NeuroBrave uses cloud-based infrastructure, advanced signal processing and Deep Neural Networks proprietary algorithms creating a standardized software solution (NeuroSpeed OS™) to provide cognitive states and neuromarkers insights using any hardware, including earphones, smartwatches and many other wearables.

"As the world of technology moves toward more and more personalization, NeuroBrave's solution offering real-time high accuracy insights on cognitive, physiological and mental states is extremely relevant right now," - says Roman Gold, Managing General Partner of VentureIsrael, who became a Board Observer of NeuroBrave.

"We are super excited to have VentureIsrael as our investor, with a growing reputation to become leaders in the Israeli VC industry, vast experience in global markets, network and financial expertise from Seed to IPO. Our extraordinary team of specialists at NeuroBrave was able to develop a unique SaaS solution that we're now deploying with global enterprises and SMBs, enabling them to provide their users in consumer and professional markets new real-time tools for wellness, productivity, performance, and safety by understanding state of mind, emotions and cognitive insights in a very accessible and intuitive way.

We see the rapid movement of tech giants alongside consumer electronics market leaders, gaming platforms, and manufacturing industries to embed non-invasive neural private and safe technologies in wearable devices, AR, VR, XR and Metaverse solutions. This is the inflection point we've been looking for in the past decade, now thanks to Deep Learning, cloud infrastructure and wearable sensors, it is made possible," says Dror Talisman, CEO & Co-Founder of NeuroBrave.