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Cydome Announces Productized Support for IACS Unified Requirements E26 Regulation

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Cydome, a maritime cybersecurity solutions leader, today announced the general availability of its product support for the IACS Unified Requirements E26 cyber resilience requirements. This critical regulation sets forth stringent cyber resilience requirements that shipping companies must adhere to when designing, commissioning, and operating new vessels. As a pioneering force in the maritime industry, Cydome is committed to ensuring that our clients meet and exceed these essential cybersecurity standards. Our solutions are designed to simplify the compliance process, providing our clients with a sense of relief and confidence.

Effective for all new builds contracted on or after July 1st, 2024, the IACS Unified Requirements E26 regulation addresses the growing need for robust cybersecurity measures in the maritime sector. These requirements are designed to fortify the cyber defenses of new vessels, ensuring safer and more secure marine operations in an increasingly digital and connected world. Cydome’s solution helps shipping companies comply with the IACS (and other) regulations and automate much of the compliance process, thus reducing overhead and improving operational efficiency – in addition to providing comprehensive cyber protection against the evolving cyber threats facing shipping fleets globally and per the various regulatory requirements.