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Nir Ayalon: Safeguarding SEAS from Cyberthreats

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Digitalization’s widespread has disrupted several industries bringing waves of transformative shifts elevating and streamlining the workflow. However, it also comes with several challenges in the forms of cyber-attacks and threats. Since the past two years, cyberthreats have targeted vulnerable targets compromising compliance, data, and privacy concerns. The leaders in the cybersecurity niche are working fingers to the bone to tackle this solution to protect and safeguard businesses worldwide.

In the chaos of cyber threats, Nir Ayalon took it upon himself to protect the maritime industry from cyber-attacks, working with professionals with deep knowledge and experience. Today, Nir leads as CEO spirit CoFounder of Cydome, an award-winning maritime cybersecurity firm. He also serves as an ISO committee member for Marine & Ship technology and Cybersecurity.