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Replix Joins the Vendor Forum

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Cyril Plisko, Founder and CTO of Replix, has joined the DEVOPSdigest Vendor Forum.

An experienced UNIX expert with vast system administration and kernel development background, Plisko has rich experience in enterprise storage and network solution design as well as performance analysis and tuning for both small and large system configurations. He is a long-time member of the Solaris Community and a technical leader of the Polaris Project - OpenSolaris PowerPC port, as well as Bluetooth stack and Device Mapper projects.

Replix is a fully managed multicloud data service for Kubernetes that assure stateful containerized applications always have available data, enabling High Availability (HA) at the Node, Availability Zone (AZ), region and cloud provider level, assuring your data is always close to the application, protected at any level, and is as portable as the application layer.