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Cydome maritime cyber system gets ClassNK certification

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Tokyo - ClassNK has granted its Innovation Endorsement for Products & Solutions to a cyber security solution "Cydome Everlight" developed by Cydome Security.

Cydome Everlight is a solution to support ship's full-scope cybersecurity management through real-time monitoring of onboard IT and OT assets. The solution aims to reduce cyber and operational risks by clearly identifying and visualizing cyber threats in an onboard network.

ClassNK has verified the functions of Cydome Everlight, including asset mapping of a ship's IT and OT assets, attack simulation and vulnerability scanning, compliance management automation, intrusion detection system and risk scoring, and subsequently issued a certificate.

Nir Ayalon, Founder and CEO, Cydome, said, "We are excited to receive the endorsement certification from the prestigious ClassNK. This latest recognition adds further credibility to Cydome’s maritime cybersecurity solutions and our ability to deliver the levels of protection needed on vessels and in ports. Looking forward to the year ahead, we will continue to work closely with our customers to address their cybersecurity protection, risk management and compliance needs while continuing to advance our offerings to stay one step ahead of all future threats".

Masaki Matsunaga, Corporate Officer / Director of Plan Approval and Technical Solution Division, ClassNK said, "The maritime industry is increasing its commitment to deploying innovative and proven cybersecurity solutions, which helps shipping companies to employ better defenses and mitigate potential threats, while simplifying their ongoing operations. ClassNK is dedicated to ensuring that these solutions perform as expected and deliver the intended level of functionality. We hope this will improve maritime safety and support the transition of the industry to its digital future."