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Bezeq to foreshadow Quantum era cyber threats with a HEQA Security strategic partnership

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In a first of its kind collaboration, Bezeq and HEQA Security have joined forces to pioneer quantum cybersecurity. This partnership sees Bezeq set to deploy an innovative encryption key distribution network, uniquely positioning it as the first Israeli telecom to fortify its infrastructure against the burgeoning threat of quantum cyber-attacks. These advanced cyber threats pose significant risks to critical sectors including finance, healthcare, and defense, underlining the urgency of preemptive security measures.

The collaboration draws upon Bezeq's proactive recognition of the vulnerabilities introduced by quantum and high-performance computers to data security, and HEQA Security's expertise in quantum physics-based encryption solutions developed since 2018. This initiative is a testament to Bezeq's commitment to leading the charge in adopting cutting-edge technologies for enhanced data protection, with plans to extend this revolutionary service to its business clientele.

Quantum key distribution (QKD) is heralded as the ultimate safeguard, offering unparalleled security for data transmission across fiber optic networks by rendering them impervious to all known and future cyber threats, including those from quantum computing.

The imperative for such advanced security measures is starkly highlighted by recent findings, including a 2023 IBM research paper which reported staggering direct costs of $4.5 million per cyber breach to US organizations in 2021, contributing to a total of $6 trillion in damages from cyber incidents that year.

Amid rapid advancements in quantum computing, cybersecurity experts warn of the looming vulnerability of current encryption methods, potentially exposing all data communications. Against this backdrop, HEQA Security stands out with its QKD product line, designed for seamless integration, high performance, and cost efficiency, already securing global networks in defense, telecom, and data center sectors.

This collaboration was facilitated by the Jointness Group, a specialist in telecom services and infrastructure, marking a pivotal step forward in securing the digital landscape against the next generation of cyber threats.

Meni Baruch, CTIO & VP Engineering, Bezeq: "Bezeq is committed to spearheading the protection of security of the services it supplies to its customers, among which are advanced security of its fiber infrastructure, which is the largest in the country. This network facilitates hundreds of gigabytes per second of data communication passed along the Bezeq backbone and metro networks. Bezeq is taking a head start on its preparedness for the quantum age - an approach that led to the collaboration with HEQA Security. Together we are working on a multi-year plan for joint collaboration between the two companies."

Nir Bar-Lev, CEO, HEQA Security: "QKD is a revolutionary technology providing communication security using principles of quantum physics. Considered the most effective and secure technology to address cyber attacks, it breaks the endless cycle of cryptographic cat and mouse game between hackers and security measures. We are proud of our close collaboration with Bezeq to protect the largest fiber optic communication network in Israel, and its users."

Oren Gabay, CEO, Jointness Group: "We are proud to continue to be the leaders in novel telecommunication solutions, strategic leadership of startups and investments in groundbreaking technologies. The collaboration between Bezeq and HEQA Security is the ultimate cooperation between the largest communication infrastructure company in Israel and a world leader in the space of data communication security."