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Cloud outages raise questions on how to architect for resilience

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It's no secret that the cloud can be a fickle beast. Outages are all too common, and when they happen, they can cause massive disruptions for businesses. So how can you ensure that your business is safe in the cloud?

When a public cloud region goes down, everyone notices.
Since 2017, when a typo took down S3 taking much of the Internet with it, we all became aware of just how fragile the cloud really is. The notorious AWS's S3 outage was so bad that Amazon couldn't get into its own dashboard to warn the world.

While this event shook the world, smaller-scale outages are happening all the time. The past year has been no different, with a slew of outages affecting cloud vendors including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud.

These incidents brought it home for many IT teams, reminding them that a single misconfiguration, a snowstorm, or errant typo could take down yet another service and potentially bring down your entire business.