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infiniDome and C-Astral Showcasing Fixed-wing UAVs with Disruptive GPS Resiliency at Eurosatory

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infiniDome, a leading provider of GPS protection and navigation resiliency solutions and C-Astral, an industry leader in fixed-wing UAVs will be showcasing their technologies at the Eurosatory conference, Europe’s largest international security and defense exhibition. C-Astral has integrated infiniDome’s GPSdome which protects their UAVs from jamming attacks adding resiliency in GPS challenged environments.

InfiniDome develops GPS protection and resilient navigation solutions tailored for defending UAVs and vehicles from jamming attacks. infiniDome’s GPSdome is a tiny (74x47x25mm, 150g) retrofit device compatible with any GNSS based system, tailored for class 1-3 drones. Once the system is easily installed, it uses a nulling algorithm to attenuate the jamming signal in the direction of attack, allowing navigation and operation to continue in GPS challenged environments.

C-ASTRAL Aerospace is a global market leader with an established reputation in the specialized, fixed-wing small Uncrewed Aircraft Systems (sUAS) manufacturing and services field. Besides systems integration, the company has developed avionics and proprietary, secure and adaptable mesh communication systems as well as the capability to integrate its systems with unmanned air traffic management and C4ISR solutions. C-ASTRAL Aerospace customer base is diversified between the commercial UAS operators, larger institutional networks, scientific users and government entities in more than 70 countries and the company has extensive experience in NATO and NATO compatible integrations.

C-Astral integrates GPSdome into their SQA eVTOL. The GPSdome technology combines patterns from two omnidirectional antennas and integrates seamlessly into C-Astral’s UAV GNSS system, filtering out any RF interference.

infiniDome and C-Astral will showcase their technology at Eurosatory on June 13th in Paris, France. Eurosatory is Europe’s largest international security and defense exhibition featuring land, air, maritime defense, and a strong focus on civil and homeland security. infiniDome will be in the ‘Eurosatory Lab’ located in hall 5A. C-Astral will be at booth J-138 in Hall No. 6.