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Top Consumer Insights Platforms To Use In 2021

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Customer insights give you an idea about your customer. You can understand their experience of using your service and product. These insights can help you understand what they want from your business and how to provide it to them.

It is essential to use a consumer insights platform to develop marketing strategies and services that cater to your clients the best. You can scan, collect, and analyze your customer’s feedback to learn from their experience and improve your services.

Consumer insights refer to the data you can use to understand what customers expect from your business. Every company depends heavily on customer feedback and reviews to develop their marketing strategies and boost their sales. These insights have extensive knowledge of a customer’s needs, desires, and motivations. A brand can utilize this information to improve the customer experience and have better conversions.

Several consumer insights platforms can help you obtain this information. We have made a list of the three best platforms to help you start instantly by collecting customer insights.

Why are consumer insights important?

Consumer insight is a tool with which you can understand your customer’s interaction with your business directly. With this data, you can make smart business decisions and improve your overall customer experience. You can also determine what customers like and dislikes about your competitor’s services.

You can stay ahead of your competitors by knowing the latest trends and desires by adjusting your services according to your insights from consumer feedback. By providing your customer what they want, you can create better and long-lasting relationships with them. You can improve consumer loyalty and ensure recurring business.

Also, consumer insights can also help you provide better customer service by understanding the areas you lack in.


Revuze uses Artificial Intelligence technology to automate semantic text analysis. With this tool, you can optimize your business campaign by aligning them with the customer’s perception and language. Revuze can help businesses from different industries by providing them a valuable insight into their customer satisfaction and user experience.

With the help of these consumer insights, you can quickly identify the best marketing content and simultaneously increase sales, generate revenue, and improve customer loyalty. You can also identify customer’s pain points, improve search engine rankings, and develop a better return on investment (ROI).

AI works better than earlier used keyword research tools as it is more reliable and quick in obtaining detailed results. You can obtain deep insights about the customer experience and do not have to analyze the data manually to make sense of it.

Some of the other Revuze features are:
  • Hierarchies and Category Analysis
  • Topic Detection
  • Quick Insights
  • Clean, Classified, and Granular Data
  • Easy Onboarding Process


Medallia is an award-winning SaaS platform that helps businesses understand their customer insights to improve the overall customer experience. It is one of the most advanced tools capable of capturing customer experience signals when a client interacts with your business. It can collect customer interaction on various platforms such as email, social media, websites, in-app, etc.

Medallia can help you capture customer interaction with your business by collecting feedback and creating innovative ideas from the data. This platform can leverage virtual engagement and video content to stay relevant in this digital world and create the best strategies for your business.

Some of the additional features of Medallia are:
  • Feedback and Engagement Management
  • Action Management
  • Real-time Data Analytics
  • Personalized Reporting
  • Text Analytics
  • Predictive Analysis
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Social Review and Reputation Management
  • End-to-end Data protection
  • Real-time Bulk Integrations
  • Self-Service Administration


Qualtrics provides a quick and easy survey platform to understand the customer, market, and the company’s employee insights. You can use this platform to collect and analyze the data to gain insight into your business. This platform can help you use this data to make better decisions and marketing strategies for your company and improve the overall customer experience. You can utilize market research, employee engagement, and voice of the customer programs to collect data.

They have various big customers worldwide, such as Nike, Netflix, American Express, American Airlines, Microsoft, GE, etc. This platform is extremely reliable and offers excellent speed, agility, power, value, and ease of use.

This platform also uses AI and machine learning to gather survey responses. They monitor all the activities in real-time and flag low-quality responses to only include useful information. It can scan text responses and provide sentiment analysis, behavior forecast, trend alerts, and research data reports. You can also categorize the feedback and reviews according to different categories. Some of these customer demographics include gender, age, and background to optimize the process.

Some of the Qualtrics additional features are:
  • Customer and Market Research
  • Customer Experience Management
  • Digital Experience Management
  • Employee Insights


Customer insights are essential for monitoring your company’s growth and brand image. You can understand how your services interact with the customers to make smart and educated decisions. To make the best use of the consumer insights platform, first establish your goals. Then you have to identify the resources you want to utilize to gather consumer insights. After collecting the data, act on it by making plans and utilizing the data you collected.

There is a lot that can be accomplished using these insights. There is no reason you should not think of making one of these platforms part of your business decisions.