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Wib Unveils Fusion Defense Enhancements to its Industry-first Holistic API Security Platform

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Wib, the fast-growth cybersecurity startup pioneering a new era in API security, is introducing its Fusion Defense solution, enhancing its security layer which is designed to provide a robust and holistic protection across an organization's entire API ecosystem. These latest enhancements come in the wake of unprecedented growth in customer and partner acquisition, positive endorsement of Wib's disruptive approach and an increasing demand for its innovative API security platform.

Wib's patent pending approach to API Fusion is the industry's first API security platform to deliver security across the entire API life-cycle. Wib Fusion is the only API security solution that supports a true and comprehensive 'shift left, shield right' defensive strategy over a single platform enabling all responsible security programs and accountable departments.

Wib's Fusion Defense and Security Center delivers automated visibility and security, empowering both development and security teams with the access, visibility, and tools they need to eliminate API blind spots and secure against all types of API threats. A unified and holistic Protection that runs from code, through testing and into run time environments providing multiple points of prevention throughout the development cycle.

"Wib's Fusion platform, from its inception, was designed to become a seamless enhancement to any security program and a bridge-gap across all security frameworks for both 'teams and tools'. These latest Fusion Defense layer additions will only optimise those capabilities, enabling organizations to effectively address the sophistication of API-lead threats and vulnerabilities," added Gil Shulman, VP of Product at Wib. "Adopting this unified approach to detecting and defending against API threats across the entire API lifecycle, and seamlessly integrating it into the existing security stack, helps organizations bridge the gap between DevSecOps, DevOps, and SOC workflows, and confidently safeguard their valuable assets to significantly reduce the risk of cyberattacks."

"In today's digital landscape, organizations increasingly rely on microservice architectures to enable faster development and deployment of their applications," adds Chuck Herrin, CTO of Wib. "APIs play a key role here, enabling communication and data exchange between various services. This widespread adoption has made APIs an attractive target for attackers. Existing defensive tools were never designed to understand API threats like logic-based attacks and often leave organisations with visibility gaps and a false sense of security."

Wib Fusion Defence empowers security and development teams by integrating seamlessly with existing security programs across the security pipeline, enhancing the capabilities of various tools and teams. This integration ensures that API security is a top priority throughout the development lifecycle, enabling organizations to proactively defend against what has been classed as the number one attack surface organizations now face.