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Cydome releases system to control vendor access to shipboard equipment

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The maritime secure remote access management technology has been designed to support connectivity for vendors to onboard equipment while retaining control over the connection and maintaining segregation from the other systems on the ship.

Cydome EverTrust deploys virtual infrastructure from a third party to a specific system and is set up to allow administrators to have full control over connectivity and the access granted to third parties.

“The maritime sector is seeing increasing levels of cyber-attacks with the advancement and new technologies introduced to the vessel network,” said Cydome, in a statement.

“Today, shipowners need to give almost unlimited access to the vessels’ systems to third-party vendors who need to access a specific system. This increases the risk of cybersecurity threats and allows a malicious actor access to all ship systems – without the ship owner’s control over what is being done, by whom, when, and how the network is being used.”