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Cydome partners with MarPoint to increase cyber protection

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Maritime cyber security company Cydome has partnered with IT company MarPoint, to incorporate Cydome’s cyber protections into MarPoint’s communications and network management systems for its shipping clients.

MarPoint and Cydome worked together over the course of 2021 to evaluate and analyse the level and robustness of protection provided by the various Cydome systems ahead of the deal, the firms said.

“We are the integral link in global maritime communications, and our innovations and initiatives enable clients to have the most robust and efficient communications in the most inhospitable environments,” said Anastasios Kyrkos, Director of MarPoint.

“We are also aware that as communication technology advances there will be the potential for greater cyber vulnerabilities. We believe the new relationship with Cydome will provide clients with the highest levels of continuous monitoring, defence and protection from the multiple and diverse cyber threats our maritime community will experience now and in the future.”