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POLYN Technology Named 2023 Best of Sensors Awards Finalist

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POLYN Technology, a fabless semiconductor company supplying application-specific Neuromorphic Analog Signal Processing (NASP) technology and products, has been named a finalist in the AI/Machine Learning category of the 2023 Best of Sensors Awards for the company’s Neuromorphic Front-End Chip concept.

The awards program is presented by Sensors Converge and Fierce Electronics and honors the best in sensor technologies and the sensor ecosystem, people and companies. Submissions are judged based on the value to the marketplace, the impact of the problems they address, and the uniqueness of the design. Award winners will be announced June 21 at Sensors Converge.

The NASP NFE chip is a tiny computing element based on novel Neuromorphic Analog Signal Processing technology to be placed directly after the sensor where it performs raw data pre-processing on-device. The analog design gives the NASP NFE such properties as ultra-low power consumption at about 100 microwatts and low inference latency at about few microseconds.

The application-specific neural networks implemented on the NASP NFE chips reduce the data flow by a thousandfold already at the sensor level, eliminating multiple subsequent costs associated with transmission, processing, and storage, decreasing TCO and making the whole solution sustainable.

“Being named a finalist demonstrates that our novel approach and technology have captured the attention of the world’s biggest sensor maker event,” said Eugene Zetserov, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development for POLYN Technology. “Our goal is to extract only useful information at the sensor spending only micro-watts to drastically reduce data send toward the next digital compute node. That solves many challenges and enables innovative solutions. We are proud that POLYN is in the company of top tier giants as finalists for these awards.”

Charlene Soucy, Senior Director, Technology – Sensors & Electronics, said, “The innovation this year surpassed other years with new, innovative technologies as well as technologists doing groundbreaking work in the field of design engineering. We congratulate the finalists on their accomplishments.”