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infiniDome Announces Participation at Eurosatory 2024: Highlighting Solutions to Combat EW GPS Attacks

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infiniDome, a leader in GNSS protection solutions is excited to announce its participation in the upcoming Eurosatory 2024, the world’s premier defense and security exhibition, taking place in Paris from June 17 – 21.

This year, infiniDome decided to focus on a pressing issue that has escalated over the last couple of years – electronic warfare GNSS attacks, including jamming and spoofing, which have become a prevalent threat in Israel and many parts of Europe.

“In an era where navigation and accurate position are pivotal, and the UAV market keeps growing year by year and consistently demonstrates its critical role in conflict zones, the increasing frequency and sophistication of GNSS attacks pose a significant risk to both military and civilian sectors, ” said Omer Sharar, CEO of infiniDome.

“Our presence at Eurosatory 2024 is more crucial than ever as we bring to light the combat-proven advanced technologies and strategies essential for defending and maintaining resilient navigation capabilities.”

Visitors to the infiniDome booth (E279 in Hall 6) will have the opportunity to learn about the latest developments in anti-jamming technology and how these can be game changers against the growing threat of interferences.

Following the experience they have acquired in multiple active conflict zones, including Israel and other fronts around the world, infiniDome is excited to share its newest developments in navigation resiliency including joint developments with its strategic partners Honeywell Aerospace and Hanwha Aerospace.

infiniDome’s experts will be available at the booth to discuss the challenges, solutions and lessons learned that are now more critical than ever in order to be able safely and effectively execute missions in a world where such threats are increasing day by day and becoming the norm.