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Chuck Herrin, Wib: “broken object level authorization is the #1 issue with APIs today, and it is almost everywhere”

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Now, nearly every small or large organization works under the digital technologies ecosystem. Dozens of devices force their users to act responsibly around data. Essentialities, like enabling a Virtual Private Network connection are already included in the list of our daily tasks. However, how should we act around API?

To discuss this matter, we have interviewed Chuck Herrin, the Chief Technology Officer at Wib, a company that works on delivering the most efficient full-lifecycle API security.

How did the idea of Wib originate? What has your journey been like so far?

Wib originated when a group of cybersecurity veterans Gil Don, Ran Ohayon, and Dr. Tal Steinherz came together to bring the second generation of API security to the market. They pooled some seed funding together and expanded what had been known as into a new and broader entity focused purely on API security. The journey so far has been amazing – working with pioneers who created the API security field as well as offensive cybersecurity veterans who leveraged logic-based attacks in their nation-state capacity, and pairing that with decades of private sector experience has created a team that’s unparalleled in the space. All of this in less than a year, and already with a growing group of well-known paying customers. It’s been extraordinary.