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Fincom is the Winner of the Banking Tech Awards

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Fincom, a fast-growing AML & Financial compliance technology company, is honored to announce that it has emerged as a winner at the prestigious Banking Tech Awards USA 2023 held by FinTech Futures.

The esteemed Banking Tech Awards USA 2023 by FinTech Futures recognizes and celebrates exceptional achievements and innovations in the financial technology industry. With a keen focus on AML and compliance technology, this year’s event attracted numerous trailblazers and industry leaders from around the globe. Fincom’s Real Time AML Sanctions Screening stood out among its competitors, securing its position as a true industry leader.

Fincom’s winning solution revolutionizes AML Sanction & PEP screening, addressing critical challenges faced by financial institutions. With the ability to efficiently screen names in 44 different languages, including both original alphabets and transliterated forms, Fincom’s Real Time AML Sanctions Screening provides unparalleled accuracy and effectiveness. The system eliminates unnecessary burdens on compliance teams, mitigates workloads, and decreases operational costs by 90%. Moreover, Fincom’s solution is designed to prevent AML discrimination, thus upholding fairness and integrity within the compliance framework.

“We are extremely honored to receive this prestigious award,” said Gideon Drori, CEO of Fincom. “At Fincom, we are committed to delivering innovative and reliable solutions that empower financial institutions to stay ahead in an ever-evolving fight with money-laundering. Our Real Time AML Sanctions Screening is a testament to our dedication to excellence and our passion for ensuring the utmost integrity and security within the financial sector.”

With this remarkable achievement, Fincom further solidifies its position as a leading provider of cutting-edge fintech solutions. The company continues to invest in research and development, aiming to deliver advanced technologies that address the most pressing challenges of AML/CTF compliance.