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Statehub Launches Kubernetes Stateful App Mobility Service

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Statehub (previously known as, the pioneer in stateful Kubernetes management, announced today the launch of a fully managed app mobility platform that enables companies to easily deploy and manage stateful Kubernetes applications. The platform is initially launching in private beta with a wide release to follow. Additionally, the company went through a recent rebrand process which included a name change from Replix to Statehub.

Stateful Kubernetes applications do not have the same adoption rate as stateless deployments due to its requirement of storage, networking and replication which are complicated to deploy and maintain. Without them, the application's scalability, resiliency, and mobility options are limited.

"Data should be referred to as a utility – just like electricity. You don't need to deploy and manage an electric grid just to power your kettle," said Cyril Plisko, CTO and Co-founder at Statehub. "The same should be applicable to data, it should be available wherever and whenever you need it. With Statehub we have created just that experience and leveled the playing field between stateful and stateless Kubernetes deployments."

Statehub's platform solves Kubernetes stateful mobility issues by deploying an infrastructure-as-a-code (IaaC) solution, pre-configured with storage, replication, and networking, completely agnostic to the public cloud infrastructure being utilized. This enables full application mobility, giving companies the freedom to choose cloud providers according to their operational or financial needs. The managed service does this by enabling data-rich containerized applications to have access to dynamically provisioned synced data across public clouds for a seamless mobility process. 

"Kubernetes has long been the de facto deployment method for stateless applications, however, stateful applications have not enjoyed the same level of mobility and operational flexibility as their counterparts. Statehub is disrupting the cloud market by changing the way companies use Kubernetes," said Avi Shillo, Co-founder & CEO of Statehub.