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FWS-7541 Becomes AAEON’s First flexiWAN-Certified Rackmount Network Appliance

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AAEON, an industry leader in network management and security solutions, has announced that their inaugural Intel® Xeon® D-powered 1U Rackmount Network Appliance, the FWS-7541, has been certified by flexiWAN.

A pioneer in open source SD-WAN software, flexiWAN has maintained a strong partnership with AAEON for a number of years, having previously certified a number of white box solutions from its Desktop Network Appliance range. As a result of these endorsements, AAEON’s white box solutions have allowed customers and vendors to leverage a wider selection of network equipment for the implementation of third-party VNF applications.

This most recent certification gives customers confidence in the FWS-7541’s effectiveness in providing a server-class, power-efficient solution for network gateway applications such as SD-WAN and uCPE. Utilizing a rich I/O to channel the processing power and ancillary technologies offered by Intel® Xeon® D-1700 Processors, the FWS-7541 is an excellent option for larger network infrastructure management.

In addition to this, its LAN virtualization capabilities have shown the FWS-7541 as a very suitable choice for deployment as a uCPE management device. Offering accelerated data processing, transmission, encryption, and decryption, the FWS-7541 is also equipped with rigorous security features via Intel® technologies such as Intel® PFR, Intel® Boot Guard and Intel® TME.

“This certification validates that we are staying consistent with our mission to provide network platform solutions that meet all of our customers’ needs,” said Josh Chen, Product Manager with AAEON’s Network Security Division. “flexiWAN have been instrumental in democratizing the SD-WAN and SASE market, so their certification of the FWS-7541 illustrates to our customers that by choosing AAEON, they can fully harness the flexible networking framework that flexiWAN provides.”