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VentureIsrael Invests in Israeli Startup flexiWAN, the World's First Open Source SD-WAN & SASE Platform

VentureIsrael News
VentureIsrael, an Israeli deep tech fund, announced today that it has participated in an investment round of flexiWAN. The investment will be used to accelerate rapid expansion of flexiWAN in the SD-WAN & SASE market.

flexiWAN has developed an open and modular software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) architecture that allows for third-party logic to be integrated into the core of the system. flexiWAN enables enterprises and service providers to adapt their SD-WAN solutions without being limited by cost, vendor lock, or specific routing capabilities offered by proprietary SD-WAN vendors. This helps to unchain SD-WAN & SASE software from monolithic, vendor locked solutions.

With more than 2,700 customer accounts on its SaaS management system, Telefonica and other large and medium service providers among them, the company is well positioned to increase its footprint in this market.

“By being first to offer a true SaaS business model in SD-WAN & SASE, flexiWAN dramatically lowers barriers to entry for companies to adopt and offer services based on the flexiWAN SD-WAN open source,” says Alexander Zarankin, Managing General Partner of VentureIsrael.

“We appreciate the support of VentureIsrael and other existing and new investors,” says Amir Zmora, CEO & Co-Founder of flexiWAN. “We look forward to working with the VentureIsrael team for the success of flexiWAN.”

About the Company
flexiWAN is on a mission to disrupt and democratize the SD-WAN & SASE markets. With its “3 World Firsts”: First open source SD-WAN & SASE; First SD-WAN & SASE applications store; First SD-WAN & SASE SaaS business model, flexiWAN offers a different and open approach to networking.