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VentureIsrael Invests in Israeli Startup, a breakthrough which enables Electronics “to sense” like humans

VentureIsrael News
An Israeli deep tech fund VentureIsrael participated in the investment round alongside FPI VC. The investment will be used to accelerate R&D and go-to-market activities.

The AI world has been looking for a cost-efficient technology that allows neural networks to work autonomously and process data directly from analog sensors, while consistently performing tasks with high accuracy. And this must be done at ultra-low power consumption when it comes to mobile, IoT or remote devices. delivers a new product to the market to address this need: a synthesized NASP Neuromorphic Analog Signal Processing hard IP Block.

Polyn’s neuromorphic analog signal processor (NASP) with direct analog input (DAI) for real time edge sensor signal processing (ESSP) aims applications where small-sized, light, ultra-power efficient and affordable one die systems are required. They should be capable to run deep neural networks in real time for speech recognition, battery management, biometric analysis, power electronics, and more - in always-on way.

“We are convinced that the next generation of electronics will use neuromorphic solutions to interact more effectively with the real world. We believe Polyn will be one of the leaders of the new convergent revolution,” - says Roman Gold, Managing General Partner of VentureIsrael.

”Polyn’s ultra-low-power deep learning always-on processor and its flexible architecture targets a wide variety of applications at the Edge, from smartwatches to industrial sensors,” says Alexander Timofeev, CEO of “We welcome VentureIsrael as our strategical investor. This partnership will significantly boost business development for our new Tiny AI chip for the Smart Health market. We will be able to address a broader community of potential customers with deep learning applications across various industries”.

About Polyn Technology
Polyn develops Edge-AI neuromorphic analog technology to 'cast' AI software directly into ultra-low-power AIoT hardware. The company's solution allows running artificial intelligence on various IoT and autonomous devices with higher security and reliability. The solution does not require an internet connection and reduces power consumption and latency. Polyn Technology was founded in 2019. The company is headquartered in London, its R&D center located in Tel Aviv.